Barbara Lowenstein

Brief introduction: name, age, occupation, family, country of origin… Born in Miami Beach, Florida,    I was raised in New Jersey, and spent my university and working years in New York City. I’m 64 years old, and my husband, Mark, and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Where are you currently living/staying in Brazil and […]

Axel – o Alemão

Brief introduction: name, age, occupation, family, country of origin… My Name is Axel, I’m 28 years old and I’m from Germany.  Where are you currently living/staying in Brazil and why are you there (tourism, study, business, work…)? How long are you planning to stay? I am living in the city of Munich in Germany and […]

John Reith

John Reith, age 42 and married with 3 children. We are a South African family currently living in Rio de Janeiro. My assignment in Brazil is for managing 4 shipyards scheduled to build 22 Drill Rig projects. I had very few expectations before moving to Brazil. This was due to very little information and no […]

Brazilian Slangs Dictionary

To communicate well in Portuguese, you have to know all of the popular expressions and slangs, né?  So to help you speak like a pro, we prepared this dictionary of Brazilian slangs:   Andar na linha: To walk in line, to obey the rules. Eu sempre andei na linha. / I have always obeyed the […]

Types of visa

Many people wish to leave their hometowns and start a new life in other countries without a specific purpose, hoping they will find an opportunity when they arrive. However, the immigration policies may offer some challenges for those wishing to become expats and it is important to fully understand the immigration laws in your desired […]


When asked about Brazilian music, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the Samba. This music genre is considered one of the main popular cultural expressions of Brazil and is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage. Its origins are linked to an African dance, imported to Brazil in the XIX centuryby the slaves located […]

Carnival in Rio

Brazilians use to say the year only begins after Carnival. It is the most expected holiday and biggest festival in the country. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is considered to be the greatest in the world, gathering over 2 million people in the streets every day and attracting over 500,000 foreigner tourists to the […]


Brazil is considered the biggest catholic country of the world. Before the Portuguese in the XVI century, Brazil had many communities of native indigenous, which had their own religion and beliefs. Religion was very a important part of their culture and very nature-oriented. With colonization, came the prohibition of indigenous religion practices, violently replaced by […]

Brazilian people: Race and Ethnics

Ethnics: Brazilian population is a mix of people from several different origins: from the original Native Americans (called índios), with the confluence of Portuguese colonizers, Black African slaves, and most recently European, Arab, and Japanese immigration. In 2015, an autosomal genetic study took samples from people all over Brazil intending to examine the population’s racial heritage. Contradicting the expectations, they found a major […]