When asked about Brazilian music, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the Samba. This music genre is considered one of the main popular cultural expressions of Brazil and is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage. Its origins are linked to an African dance, imported to Brazil in the XIX centuryby the slaves located […]

MPB – Musica Popular Brasileira

  MPB, short for Música Popular Brasileira (Brazilian Popular Music) is a national genre born during the 1960’s and is usually considered the natural evolution of Bossa Nova. Its primary intention was to keep the refined non-electric acoustic sound of its precursors, mixed with the newly heated patriotism defended by the National Union of Students, […]

Brazil National Anthem translated

http:// The peaceful banks of the Ipiranga Heard the resounding cry of an heroic people, And the dazzling rays of the sun of Liberty Bathed our country in their brilliant light. If with strong arm we have succeeded In winning a pledge of equality, In thy bosom, O Liberty, Our hearts will defy death itself! […]


Even though this practice dates from the 16th century, until this day there is a controversy about whether Capoeira is a martial art or a dance. Combining elements of both, as well as music and acrobatics, it is commonly referred to as agame. It is known for quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, […]